Eight Essential Outcomes

The first eight years of a child’s life set the foundation for their health, safety and overall well being

Our Eight Essential Outcomes provide a framework for Black child development from birth through age 8. We Envision A World In Which Every Black Child…

Lives And Plays In a Safe Community

When black children grow up in a safe and supportive physical and social environments, they experience a sense of community that promotes long-term resilience.

Has Books And Toys That Reflect Who They Are And Can Be

When Black Children see characters and read stories that reflect who they are, their positive self-identity and self-esteem improve, as well as their empathy and understanding of their own and other cultures.

Enjoys Meals With Vegetables

When Black children have access to culturally- relevant meals that provide them with the nutrition they need to grow while honoring their culture, they are more likely to maintain their health and well-being.

Is Born At A Healthy Weight

When black children are born between 5.5 and 8 pounds, they are more likely to lead healthy lives

Is Seen As A Child

When black children are perceived as children, their self expression and imaginative exploration is protected.

Breathes Clean Air and Drinks Clean Water

When black children have sustained access to clean air and water, they are able to develop into strong and healthy adults.

Hangs Out On A Safe And Appropriate Internet

When Black children engage with digital content that is both safe and developmentally appropriate, learning is fun, and they build digital skills.

Attends A School That Affirms And Expands Them

When black children participate in schools that support who they are, it expands the potential for who they can become.

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